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Who's Ready for the Next Level

How can you tell if a sales rep is ready to achieve “next level” selling? It’s both a science and an art. Discerning who is ready to go to the next level is something that consultants get paid thousands for, so it’s no easy task. Here’s some insight to help you determine who’s a good candidate for a training investment.

Your rep might be ready for the next level if he or she does the following:

Focus on providing value to clients Rather than being fixated on closing the deal, the top salespeople are able to focus on providing value. That means they close more deals than the reps that are overly concerned with the “win.”

Able to disqualify deals Top reps don’t cling to deals. They want to make sure that it’s a good fit for both sides, and can quickly disqualify a lead.

Connects with valuable prospects Salespeople that truly connect with their prospects are much more successful than those who use scripts or waste time on wild goose chases.

Positively affects the sales team Is the rep you have in mind able to create positivity and foster the type of attitude you want in your team?

Achieves above average sales The rep who’s ready to level up is already selling well, but perhaps not reaching their full potential. They have the desire to sell more, and know they could be more productive. They want to improve how they sell and communicate your company’s value proposition. Improving sales by 5% means you’re bending the win probability in your favor. Let’s assume your rep improves their close ration by 5% in a year. If they present 60 deals a year, 5% better means 3 more deals close each year. If the average deal is $20k, that’s an extra $60k in production. That’s huge. The PEO MasterClass is one of a kind in that it’s focused on specific training for advanced reps to make them even more of an asset. It’s incredibly effective, and not for those who aren’t ready to experience drastic shifts in their return.


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